As a personal view is sometimes more sincere and realistic than an objective one, we at Costa del Sol - Christie’s International Real Estate have decided to open up a little and tell you what we like best about Malaga. Here are our favourite places in the city and we hope that they will help you to get to know it better.

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CARMEN DE ARRIAGA. Chief Marketing Officer.

Favourite places in Malaga: Pedregalejo and Malaga East

I am from Malaga, I was born and raised in this wonderful city, and I completed my university studies in Malaga. This has given me the opportunity to get to know the city in depth. Among my favourite places are Pedregalejo, which is characterised by its youthful atmosphere and the presence of charming restaurants and bars along the beach. As my family lives in Malaga East, where Pedregalejo is located, I have always considered it my favourite area to live”.

MIGUEL ZAPICO. Managing Director (Malaga Office).

Favourite place in Malaga: Soho

“Ten years ago, I moved to Malaga and lived in the highest apartment of the Alameda Principal. The building, which has a large graffiti as part of the MAUS project on one of its walls, could be considered the northwestern boundary of the Soho neighborhood. I was surprised by the phenomenal change the neighbourhood was experiencing at that time. What used to be considered the harbor district and the underworld of Malaga was quickly turning into a trendy area.

Today, the Soho neighbourhood is one of the first places that come to mind when someone asks about the right place to invest in Malaga. The average price per square metre is significantly lower than the overcrowded Historic Centre, making it the perfect place to enjoy the city's alternative cultural scene. Some places not to be missed are Antonio Banderas' Soho Theatre, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (CAC), and the MAUS project, which has turned the Soho area into an open-air exhibition of urban art, featuring massive graffiti from artists like Faith 47, ROA, Sal East, D'Face, and Obey.

If you're into trendy restaurants and bars, make sure not to miss places like the upscale Tercer Acto next to the Soho theatre, the classic and always nice La Deriva, La Antxoeta, and the must-visit Fábrica de la Cerveza. The latter is a massive live-music beer temple and the core of the "Tardeo" scene for the gen X that goes wild on Friday afternoons”.

ROSA BELÉN CASTAÑO. Front Desk and Copywriter (Marbella Office).

Favourite places in Malaga: Cathedral and Malaga Centre

“I was born in Malaga, fifty years ago, in a private hospital next to the beautiful cathedral of Malaga. Since then, whenever I walk through all its busy streets, with its beautiful buildings and delicious restaurants, with its corners full of life, multicultural, and hospitality, I smile in complicity. I think that this starting point in my life binds me to Malaga forever. My favourite place in the city is Calle Larios and its surroundings, the whole city centre is wonderful!”

MÓNICA GRUBER. Real Estate Broker (Malaga Office).

Favourite places in Malaga: Pinares de San Anton and Candado

“From the moment I laid eyes on Pinares de San Anton, I felt an instant connection, envisioning it as my future home. Its majestic pine trees, echoing with the melodies of singing birds, and the occasional sighting of adorable squirrels, all against the backdrop of breathtaking Mediterranean vistas, captured my heart.

Where else can one find the perfect blend of mountain serenity and beachside bliss within a mere 10-minute radius? Malaga offers this unparalleled lifestyle.

My ideal morning routine begins with savoring a freshly brewed cup of coffee, followed by an invigorating game of tennis at the esteemed Club de Tennis Malaga, where every match is a friendly affair.

For lunch, indulge in the freshest seafood delights at Candado Beach, just a short drive away. Here, ordering seafood is not just a choice; it's a culinary imperative.

As for the little ones, endless adventures await as they scour the shores for sea glass treasures and immerse themselves in imaginative beachside games. As a mother of two young children, I find solace in Malaga's welcoming atmosphere, where children are embraced with open arms in every corner of this idyllic paradise”.

ROCÍO CARRASCO. Front Desk (Malaga Office).

Favourite place in Malaga: West Malaga

"My favourite place in Malaga is the west side, the so-called 'Malaga Golden Mile,' as this is the area where I grew up. I consider it to be one of the best residential areas in Malaga due to the wide streets and the great variety of parks for children and walking areas.

Currently, it is the area in Malaga that offers the best and most innovative sports facilities for paddle tennis, swimming, basketball, and tennis. Additionally, it has a golf course just 10/15 minutes away. The airport is very close, and there are wide, new promenades. For convenience, there are several municipal offices and large shopping centres.

Culture has always been highly valued in Malaga, and this area boasts a wide range of museums and cultural halls where exhibitions and micro-theatres are held. It was once an area with a vibrant theatre scene, producing famous comedians and actors from Malaga, such as Dani Rovira and Alberto González, to name but a few.

Nowadays, it is an area with significant urban and property developments, featuring several luxury buildings and tall towers with co-living areas."

STEN GOOSEN: Sales Manager (Marbella Office).

Favourite places in Malaga: Malaga harbor, Malagueta, Paseo de Reding and surroundings

"As a real Dutchman I love the sea, that's why the harbour area of Malaga and the promenade of the city are my favourite spots. Especially the beaches of La Malagueta. All these places are luminous, full of beach bars, restaurants and terraces where you can have an ice cold local beer on a warm summer day. Here you realise what it is to enjoy the Mediterranean quality of life.

Close to the harbour you will also find the beautiful tree-lined Paseo de Reding. This is where our Costa del Sol - Christiés International Real Estate office in Malaga city is located. All the neighbourhoods close to this avenue, such as El Limonar or Cerrado de Calderón, are excellent areas for a second residence or permanent home".


Favourite places in Malaga: The narrow streets of the historic centre, the Atarazanas Market and the beach bars of El Palo.

“My wife and I came to Malaga for the first time in 2014, 10 years ago now. I vividly remember that we were on the rooftop of the Marriott Hotel, overlooking the port and the old town, and we were moved by the Mediterranean beauty of the city. Not only could you tell it was a place of history, as Malaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe, but it was lovely to enjoy the sea and the bright light.

After our arrival we wandered around the city for a few days and fell in love with the warm welcoming feeling the city gives off. Many civilizations have passed through here and, since the 1960s, many tourists have been enjoying the city's bounty, especially its fantastic climate. This makes the people of Malaga open to foreigners and it is easy to find many expatriate residents on the streets.

In recent years, it has been noticeable how much the city council has invested in improving the city's infrastructure. You can see this in how well looked after the historic area, the underground, the port, the high-speed train or the extension of the Paseo Marítimo and the airport. Malaga is an incredible place to live nowadays, even said by the prestigious economic magazine Forbes.

As I am admittedly a big fan of Spanish food and Malaga, apart from its "pescaito frito" (fried fish) has a lot to offer, my favourite places in Malaga are its best gastronomic spots. For me they would be: the narrow streets of the city centre, the Atarazanas Market and surroundings and the chiringuitos of El Palo. All very Andalusian, very lively and very authentic”.

We hope you have found it enjoyable and useful to know what we love most about beautiful Malaga.

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Enjoy Malaga as much as we do!

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