Autumn is arriving and, although there are still sunny days and good weather on the Costa del Sol, it is alternating with days when the temperatures drop a little. The Mediterranean coast is known for its sea breeze. This means that, often when you feel a bit colder, you need to wear a light jacket or jumper, a shawl or a cardigan to avoid feeling the coolness more than you need to. That’s why we wanted to make this selection and recommend some autumn restaurants on the Costa del Sol. They are beautiful places, with spectacular, cosy indoor dining rooms that allow you to take a little more shelter.

Here is our ideal list for an autumnal gastronomic evening on the Malaga coast

Erre & Urrechu. Restaurantes de otoño en la Costa del Sol.ERRE & URRECHU

Located in the legendary Hotel Don Pepe in Marbella, it has the advantage of being very central as well as being next to the promenade of the city. It is ideal for a stroll by the sea after dinner or lunch. Its facilities include a spacious lounge with large windows that allow you to see a beautiful garden area. Its slogan is "experience next to the embers" and its menu is undoubtedly a fantasy in terms of top-quality meats.

Fons. Restaurantes de otoño en la Costa del Sol.FONS

Estepona there is a restaurant with a very suggestive name, Fons, which works with equal skill with products from the sea and the mountains. Fons comes from Latin and it means "fountains". Its name refers to the beautiful fountains that make the pleasant water sound in its two outdoor patios. The restaurant is in a renovated 18th century farmhouse. The interior is very pleasant and it can seat up to sixty diners. It is perfect for an occasional lunch or dinner, or to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or any kind of intimate celebration. They even offer a Christmas menu. On their menu we would highlight the grilled scallops, the monkfish with bacon crust or the suckling pig at low temperature.

Leña. Restaurantes de otoño en la Costa del Sol.


Dani García is an international chef who was born in Marbella and who is in love with his origins and the gastronomy of southern Spain. He has a wide variety of gastronomic proposals at his restaurants. At LEÑA he has turned his creativity into a very special steakhouse. He follows traditional recipes and adds surprising cosmopolitan touches. In addition, this restaurant was awarded as "the most beautiful of 2021" by the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

El Higueró. Restaurantes de otoño en la Costa del Sol.


If we want a traditional Spanish culinary experience, this is the place. They gather the best of Iberian gastronomy from north to south, with a special predilection for the cuisine of Asturias. And so it is verging on a crime not to order fabes (beans) or Asturian sirloin steak. The restaurant is very spacious, high up and has spectacular views. It also boasts good cocktails and a great wine list.


In autumn it gets cooler, yes, but we can still enjoy the sea. If you want to be on the seafront, we recommend this beautiful restaurant where neither the gastronomy nor the decoration will disappoint you. And if you can ask for a table as close as possible to the window next to the sea, all the better. Everything here is fresh, Mediterranean, bright, and tasty. From grilled octopus to duck breast, from cod confit to shrimp omelettes, everything here is appetising. It's also a great place to get advice on Spanish wines made from all types of grapes and national geography.

José Carlos García. Restaurantes de otoño en la Costa del Sol.


Here we go to the top of the range, to signature cuisine. You’ll always need a reservation and, of course, it's not just lunch or dinner: it's an immersive, fascinating dining experience. Based on Andalusian recipes, José Carlos García applies daring techniques and lends them a Rock&Roll touch. The products are top quality, indigenous, from local markets, orchards and fish markets and then shaped by the chef's creativity and the world he has travelled around. The tasting menu ensures that you complete the experience without missing a detail; but browsing the menu will not leave you indifferent, nor will it disappoint you. The setting could not be more beautiful: the renovated port of Malaga.

Roostiq. Restaurantes de otoño en la Costa del Sol.


This option is perfect for a family evening. The cold meats, starters or any of their meats as a main course are wonderful, but if the kids want a pizza, it will be quality. It has easy parking, beautiful lighting at night and great attention to detail for the enjoyment of diners. They boast "from the garden to the table" because they try to source the raw materials themselves. It may sound strange, but they may even make you a mixture of "Torreznos-Champaña-Pizza" at the table which is delicious. No complexes.

We hope this selection of autumn restaurants on the Costa del Sol is useful and serves to prove that there is life after summer.

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