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265: Monte Mayor Country
€ 1.950.000

About private sales

Costa del Sol  Christie’s International Real Estate has identified an increasing need for privacy in the exclusive property market. ‘Buyers and sellers of expensive villas, mansions, and apartments often value discretion’, says Managing Director Hans Veenhuijsen. ‘Of course, we take this into account.’

 ‘We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve and expand our services’, says Hans Veenhuijsen. ‘Christie's International Real Estate, the worldwide real estate organisation, was founded by auction house Christie’s to properly present exceptional property for sale and give it the treatment it deserves. This also applies to our clients. Most real estate agents are aware of the phenomenon of “silent sale”, and for Costa del Sol Christie’s International Real Estate, too, the need to offer an appropriate service for this is evident. With the introduction of “Private Sales”, we can meet the needs of our clients.’

It is a well-known phenomenon that people who buy or sell a property in the highest segment of the market do not always appreciate the publicity associated with this. Hans Veenhuijsen: ‘People who sell a (very) valuable house sometimes choose to keep the process discrete. They do not feel compelled to explain their reasons or to read about it in the national press. We all know there are media that focus specifically on the wealthy and are immediately alerted when they read or receive information about these high profile transactions. They are right on top of it and the reporting often includes quite a bit of speculation. It is understandable that, for instance, people in the public domain, who are in the spotlight in one way or another, have no need for that whatsoever’. 

With Private Sale we show and give basic information, just enough to get a good impression, but not giving personal and or valuable information to people with the wrong intentions.

An interested buyer can ask a code to get excess to the information online. After we checked the client (do a personal check and if necessary ask proof of funds) after getting the approval of the owner we sent the code to give acces and stay in close contact with the interested buyer.

Prized possessions’

Costa del Sol Christie’s International Real Estate has experienced a stormy growth since its introduction in the Costa del Sol. There are 4 regional real estate brokers which work with a range with a minimum value of €1,000,000 under the label of Costa del Sol  Christie's International Real Estate. This has literally opened up a world for their clients in the top segment, as the organisation has a global network of 1200 real estate offices in 45 countries.

All associates and their clients benefit from the joint market knowledge and the synergy between Christie’s International Real Estate and the auction houses of Christie’sboth nationally and globally.
Hans Veenhuijsen: ‘The Costa del Sol is an interesting option for foreign investors and buyers. The Spanish are among the happiest people in the world, which says something about our country and the quality of life, and of course the weather has a great influence on that happy feeling. 

Moreover, internationally speaking, the price level of real estate in the Costa del Sol is relatively favourable. There is a lot of international interest in exclusive real estate, and we know how to reach the target group. Via our “Private Sales” system, we offer buyers and sellers the discretion they desire. We realise very well that some people have no need whatsoever to send their private business out into the public sphere’.

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