Incredible as it may seem, there are over 3,000 registered estate agents in Marbella alone. Obviously, many of these businesses are individual freelance agents. But you can imagine that if you look at the number of agencies on the whole of the Costa del Sol, the figure would be exorbitant. We are on that list of estate agents too, but at the TOP, with only a few more big names. Today we are going to give you the 6 reasons to sell your property with Costa del Sol - Christie’s International Real Estate. We want you to understand that we share a position on the list, but that our strengths give us a big advantage.

Why sell with Christie’s on the Costa del Sol?

1.We are a Global Authority

We are the only real estate agency on the Costa del Sol that can offer global exposure for your property thanks to our dynamic network of worldwide affiliates. We are truly the only ones with such an extensive international network available to our clients. Many of the other companies on the Costa del Sol are only local or national in scope (and only a minority are international). We have over 900 offices in 50 countries.

 2.We Have an Influential Position

Christie’s International Real Estate has leading offices in major luxury markets around the world, from New York to Rome; from Bangkok to Dubai; from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. No matter the location of the luxury property you wish to sell or acquire, we are the solution to your high-end property needs.

3.Our Performance is a Success Story

Christie’s International Real Estate has a global portfolio of more than 12,000 selected properties. These have a total value of $47 billion. Real estate sales over the past five years totalled $500 billion. In the same period, Costa del Sol - Christie’s International Real Estate has increased its turnover by 47%.

4.We Have a Wealth of Experience on the Costa del Sol

When it comes to luxury property, experience is a key factor. Christie’s has been dealing in art and luxury goods for 250 years and has had an active real estate profile since the 1980s. In addition to a strong track record, it is also essential to have a strong knowledge of the area of work and privileged access to the right contacts. As Christie’s exclusive subsidiary on the Costa del Sol, we have been based in Marbella, Malaga and the surrounding area for five years and know each and every area of real interest. We have also built up a select portfolio of clients of our own. Combine these elements with a willingness and ability to go the extra mile and go the extra mile for each client and the result is our winning formula.

5.Honesty is our Standard

Legal guarantees and transparency in operations define us. We are a brand that has earned its reputation through quality controls, fair rules of the game and real and accurate information for customers. Yes, we pride ourselves on honesty. The treatment of your luxury home and the procedures associated with it will be impeccable.

6.With a Solid Past and a Promising Present and Future

Despite more than 250 years of rich history behind our brand, CHRISTIE’S real estate profile is not resting on its laurels. We are leaders in real estate technology to enhance agent performance and customer service. In fact, we drive innovation every day as we build the luxury property agency of tomorrow. Feel free to ask us about our forward-thinking advertising campaigns. These will focus on getting the word out about your home to both our client database and potential wealthy international clients. Selling with Christie’s is selling to the right buyers, the right target.


We are international, experienced, and honest.

We are the agency of choice to sell your luxury property in Marbella, Malaga and surrounding areas.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are thinking of selling your luxury villa or apartment. We will know how to give you the marketing you deserve.