There are several great areas of interest for buying a luxury property in Marbella, such as in Cascada de Camoján, Guadalmina or Marbella East. But in this post, we are going to give you 10 reasons to buy a luxury property on the Golden Mile or in Puente Romano. These are some of the most sought-after areas for real estate in Marbella and today, we’re going to tell you why.

A little history of "Marbella Glamour”

Until 1950, Marbella was a beautiful and sunny little town, but with a simple life. The opening of the Marbella Club Hotel on its coast during that decade marked the beginning of "Marbella glamour". Hollywood celebrities, aristocrats and businessmen began to come to enjoy this charming seaside paradise... and they haven't stopped.

Soon after, Puente Romano arose right next door and a whole luxury infrastructure developed in Marbella. For years this area has been known as the Golden Mile because of its high real estate value, and it is still the most glamorous place in the city.

Where does the concept of the Golden Mile come from?

The "Golden Mile" is a concept copied from the Spanish capital, Madrid. At the end of the 19th century, a series of mansions were built along Calle Serrano and the surrounding streets, at the same time as the first tramway lines were being developed. This made Salamanca a valuable neighborhood for the upper classes to move in. This newly developed stretch of land, the “Mile” or "milla", became very expensive, i.e. “Golden” or "de oro", hence the name.

Even today, the neighborhood is still one of the most exclusive in Madrid. As further proof, it has been proven that more luxury products are bought in this area of Spain every year than anywhere else.  The same happens in Marbella, which also ranks near the top. In fact, Marbella has its own luxury boutiques in Puerto Banús, along with its art galleries and jewelry shops, known for their impressive sales.

The 10 most important reasons to buy in the Golden Mile and Puente Romano

  1. They really are the two areas with the highest real estate value on the Costa del Sol, along with Sierra Blanca and La Zagaleta.
  2. The neighborhood is one of the most exclusive in Europe, not only because of the luxury properties or the exclusive shops located here, but also because the atmosphere attracts the type of high-end client who buys a villa or flat in the Golden Mile and Puente Romano.
  3. The area has a wide and well-kept stretch of beach, 7 kilometers long, which is part of the 27 kilometers of coastline of the beautiful Marbella.

  1. There is hardly any new land for development left along this stretch, so the existing land is in very high demand and prices are continuously multiplying.
  2. The existing constructions are luxurious, private, and good quality properties. Older ones are being bought and totally modernized which adds value to the area.
  3. The Golden Mile and Puente Romano have great neighboring areas: vibrant Puerto Banús and Gran Marbella (which is the most exquisite downtown area).
  4. They are very safe areas where you can park high-end cars without any problems or go for a stroll and play sports outdoors in peace and quiet.

  1. They are very fashionable areas, where many international personalities from the world of music, sports, art and business are residents or come on holiday.
  2. They have their own glamorous micro-community of shopping, dining, and services. For example, you'll find everything from the famed Puente Romano tennis courts to the distinguished Chanel brand.
  3. They have special and elegant events, especially in the summer, such as concerts, sports competitions, fashion shows, luxury car shows and, of course, terraces by the sea where you can enjoy all kinds of gastronomy.

These are the main reasons to buy a luxury villa or apartment on the Golden Mile or in Puente Romano, but there really are many more. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are the experts in luxury properties on the Costa del Sol.