Luxury cars are intrinsic to Marbella. You only need to walk around Puerto Banus to see a high concentration of them. Many visitors, in fact, come to this international port not only for the yachts, the VIP restaurants or the designer boutiques, but also for the beautiful sports cars that are often seen in the area. Other cars, not so flashy, but also high-end, are always present in the streets of the city.

Garaje propiedad Costa del Sol Christie´s Real Estate. Coches de Lujo en Marbella. Ref. 2013

Luxury car sales and registrations on the rise in Spain

Vehicle registrations in 2022 in Spain were somewhat down on pre-COVID figures. The microchip crisis, the economic recovery, the uncertainty arising from the war in Ukraine and the rise in inflation have been determining factors in the drop in vehicle demand. These are the causes according to the ANFAC (Spanish Association of Car and Truck Manufacturers).

But if we look at the figures for top-of-the-range vehicles, they do not necessarily follow these patterns. The same organisation points out that last year sales of off-road vehicles in Spain rose by 36%, top-of-the-range sports cars by 9.3% and luxury cars by 6.1%.

If we look at the registrations of the makes, the ones showing upward tendencies were Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari, Bentley and Aston Martin. However, other brands such as Rolls Royce, BMW, Audi, and Jaguar were slightly down. As electric or hybrid cars are going through a successful stage now, for example, Tesla rose by 43%.

All these big car companies are constantly present on the Costa del Sol. Marbella is one of the cities that leads the sales of this type of vehicle in Spain.

Garaje propiedad Costa del Sol Christie´s Real Estate. Coches de Lujo en Marbella.


Luxury properties for luxury cars

There is a high purchasing power among many of the Costa del Sol's regular residents and holidaymakers. Many of them are fans of beautiful design, the roar of the engine, great driving and the comfort of top-of-the-range cars.

Architects responsible for luxury properties in and around Marbella place great importance on the creation of optimal parking spaces for these types of vehicles. Garages are built with the same excellence in mind as other rooms in villas or mansions. And in many cases, they are truly spectacular.

Garaje propiedad Costa del Sol Christie´s Real Estate. Coches de Lujo en Marbella.


Buying a luxury car in Marbella

1.C. de Salamanca

Their slogan is "your Ferrari dealer in Marbella" so the standard of their products is already defined. The Marqués de Salamanca founded the company in 1907 for the distribution and sale in Spain of the best automotive brands. Today they have a large area in San Pedro de Alcántara where they serve the most prestigious clients. Ferrari is their flagship brand, but they also work with other important brands.

2.Guarnieri Group

With forty years of experience in the sale of classic and luxury cars on the Costa del Sol, they stand out for the sale of McLaren, Pagani, Rolls Royce and Mini vehicles. They also offer other types of luxury services such as yacht hire or home chefs.

For luxury car hire in Marbella, we provide as an option:

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Para alquilar coches de lujo en Marbella damos como opción:

  1. Procarmarbella

ProcarMarbella is a premium car rental company that offers first class customer service. With years of experience in the car rental industry, ProcarMarbella has built a great reputation and has become a trusted name amongst travellers in the region.

Of course, for luxury properties in Marbella and its best areas such as Puerto Banus, Puente Romano, San Pedro de Alcantara, Guadalmina or the famous Golden Mile, do not hesitate to contact us. For properties in Benahavis or Malaga our portfolio is also very select. We are waiting for you.