Purchasing a property through a Private Sale offers numerous advantages. From Costa del sol Christie's International Real Estate, we explain everything you need to know about this type of purchase.

The traditional way of purchasing a property

Most people looking to purchase a property choose to do so through the traditional way, which involves searching through endless property listings and competing with other buyers. In these cases, the power of the highest offer is one of the main fundamentals that determine whether you obtain the property of your dreams or not.

However, what if we told you that there is another way of purchasing a property?

Private Sales is a generally unknown method of purchasing a property, which eliminates many of the problems associated with this traditional way. The perfect property for you could be there without you even being aware of it.

What is a Private Sale property?

Private Sale properties are those that are for sale, but they are off the market. That is, they are not listed or advertised. The seller wishes to conduct the sale in a discreet manner, so you will not find this property on the internet or in any real estate showcase.

The properties that are normally sold through Private Sales are usually high-end properties where the seller chooses to have fewer potential buyers, in order to handle the sale as privately as possible. Therefore, as is obvious, finding this type of properties is not an easy task.

Private Sale property 2

Benefits of purchasing a Private Sale property

The benefits for the buyer of a Private Sale property are numerous:

Discrete, less competition, privacy and safety

When purchasing a property through the traditional way, the seller usually arranges a considerable number of visits before the sale actually takes place. In addition, the property is always on the Internet, so hundreds of people have seen images or floor plans of the property you are interested in. With a Private Sale, in case you have any competition, it will only be from a few other people. This allows you to adapt your offer in order to obtain the best possible deal. It is not publicly known you are looking to purchase, all discrete and no pressure.

You are away from the media spotlight

People with media relevance do not usually wish to make public their purchases, sales or any other transaction. This is an advantage for both the buyer and the seller who wishes to protect their privacy, because if no one knows about the sale, no one will talk about it.

You have more time to reach a beneficial agreement

The absence of competition provides the buyer with the time needed to ensure that the property fully meets their needs. There is no rush and no fear of being beaten to the purchasing. In addition, both buyer and seller can calmly discuss the purchasing and selling terms. 

Private Sale property 3

Key aspects to consider when purchasing a Private Sale property

Before proceeding with the purchase of a Private Sale property, it is important that you are aware of certain considerations that will facilitate the process.

Privacy as a priority

As mentioned above, sellers who use this Private Sale method are looking to stay out of the public eye. Therefore, you may be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

As a buyer, it is sometimes challenging to maintain such a high level of confidentiality during negotiations. It is advisable to keep this in mind as it is something that can potentially frustrate the purchase of your dream property.

Finding Private Sale properties can be complex

Private Sale properties are so exclusive as they are not easy to find, as they are not advertised and they are selectively accessible.

How to access Private Sale properties with Costa del Sol – Christie’s International Real Estate?

If you wish to purchase a Private Sale property, the most important thing is to be assisted by a professional, as sellers do not usually inform about sales if they do not know the client. Finding this type of property requires in-depth research and networking that begins with selecting the desired location and identifying your specific requirements.

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