Within the luxury real estate market, privacy and discretion are becoming increasingly important. In recent years, the number of sellers wishing to bring to the market their luxury property on the Costa del Sol privately/silently has increased considerably. Also, if exclusivity is a fundamental aspect for you and you wish to purchase a property that has not been promoted all over the market for many years, including floor plans and relevant information about it, from Costa del Sol – Christie's International Real Estate we can assure you that our post about Concierge Private Sales, interests you.


What is the most important thing when buying or selling a luxury property on the Costa del Sol privately?


That your broker has an extensive network and, of course, that handles your data confidentially.


Exclusive network of potential buyers


Clients who wish to sell their luxury home on the Costa del Sol and bring it to the attention of a serious selection of potential buyers, usually come to us. The reason? The high level of trust that our clients place in us.


Talking about Christie's means talking about exceptional art and luxury


Founded in 1766 by James Christie, Christie's empire is based on three fundamental aspects: our world-class marketing platform, our collaboration with Christie's auction house and our exclusive global network composed by the world’s top real estate brokers, which is only accessed by invitation. For all that reasons, we continue offering the same level of trusted, tailored and high-quality service that Christie's clients have enjoyed for more than 250 years.


Concierge Private Sales



Concierge Private Sales: Plan of Action


Concierge Private Sales have been specifically designed for cases where you have an exceptional villa or a unique object that you are in little hurry to sell, or when you wish to keep your luxury property away from the Internet.


What will we do for you from Costa del Sol – Christie's International Real Estate?


If you want to sell your luxury property on the Costa del Sol privately, through Concierge Private Sales we will take care of designing a step-by-step plan to achieve it, discussing all the pros and cons with you in order to choose the most beneficial option. Clear, active and transparent.


After that, thanks to our exceptional team with decades of experience, we start a sales procedure which you can choose not to be visible at all, or being promoted to a limited and sophisticated brochure of potential buyers that we select by applying high-end filters. Our passion for each interaction, backed by a deep knowledge of both art history and the dynamics of the global luxury real estate market, have led us to help passionate collectors during the acquisition or selling of the most impressive masterpieces in the world.


Feel free to contact us to discuss the best options in order to bring your property to the market or to find a perfect home that has not been on the market before, through our Concierge Private Sales service. Trust on the experience and extensive network of Costa del Sol – Christie's International Real Estate.